Life’s hard!

War, killings, diseases, spiritually unfulfilled marriage, traffic jams…

Reminds me of that scene in Bridget Jones Diary where Bridget, the main character layered with much self loathing finds herself in an Indonesian jail.  She goes on and on to fellow native jail mates about Mr Darcy and her feelings and oh how boring. then one of the women there says that she has boy trouble too… her husband beats her. hmm. How crappy is our life really? Is it that we must now withhold our thoughts and feelings unless it is first compared to another’s although they may be in a totally different socio-economic situation? What is acceptable as opposed to unacceptable. How do we continue to tow this line?

Positive reinforcement

Hi all


8:32 a.m

so just to update you, I stuck to the task at hand and indulged in some salt biscuits and health granola snacks last evening. This morning I ensured that my fruit smoothie was ready to get me pumped. I am pumped this morning.

So lets recap last evening –

  • Ate two granola snacks.
  • One apple
  • Honey oats cereal
  • salt biscuits and melon gene with condiments for taste.
  • I/2 skinny cow wafer to avoid a food craving binge at night.

I executed a 1 hour walk with arm strengthening exercise and I was all set to go for the night.

I have more to tell, but work beckons. Will surely update you on my thoughts once I have satisfied myself that I have earned my salary. (lol). Making certain that I own the term; “take pride in your work”……..



Slow and steady.

After I communicated with you yesterday (I updated a previous post yesterday though the date of the post is incorrect) , I make a trip to the movies and chowed down on buttered popcorn and a veggie combo which includes wedges and fried soya nuggets.  Do I feel good about that? NO! Did I need that? Yes! I needed that escape and I learnt that you can have those naughty things in moderation. Lesson for life…..?

With the daily frustrations of life lately, I find it very easy to blow my top. Sometimes I think that I will be punished as  result given my belief in the system of karma but I just cannot help my rage sometimes. It is sad and I feel pretty confused sometimes but I think I just need to sort myself out. Take it one day at a time to sort out my feelings and understand what I want and how I want to feel.


I want to look better, I want to feel better and I want to enjoy life. Don’t we all?


So today, I made a leap and its a big step for me. I reached to work at 7:59. Usually its 8:15, 8:37, 9:10. Obviously not a great start to the day but I just had no interest. Improvement, I cared about arriving early. So why do I sit here now in a state of negativity and reluctant?

This is what should be done-


Get up, go take a walk. look at something of interest to bring back some colour to the items.

I should take pride in the work I output so this reluctance is definitely the wrong approach. 

Lets see what I have eaten so far 5-12 noon-

  • 1 cup of tea
  • 1 cup oats
  • 1 pack of cashew nuts
  • 1/4 roti with curried cabbage.

so I am doing well so far. i therefore project that I would need to do the follow work out-

45 minutes on the elliptical or 1 hour walking and jogging

15 minutes on weights for the arms 

15 minutes abs if time permits


my aim is to increase my metabolism, get into the groove of working out and start to appreciate that time should not be wasted but each moment should be spent doing something productive with the body or the mind.


Till next time. I will update you further on what I achieved since this post. 






This is my first official post, so I’d like to welcome all of you to my blog and I hope that in some way my thoughts and words contribute to your existence and that yo can positively help me along the way. At best, I can classify this blog as being one created to help me along the journey of weight loss and self-realization. I know it’s quite vain to insinuate that both are required to go together but for me they do.

You see, I have always been one who despised the idea that looks are everything and material things are important but at the same time I have grown to understand that somewhere along the road, your conditioning has molded you into a person who has appreciation for both. Well for me it does. As I have grown older, I have come to require the both, the need for a regime keeping my body in a health check and the need for a balance in my wants and needs so that I do not become a greedy goblin. In fact, based on my own belief which I accept may be misguided bit again, its my belief greed shows in the belly. I know, some people may be slim and still be greedy , but this blog is not about changing other people or analyzing their personality types. It’s about me analyzing myself and trying to be the best that I can be.

So day 1… I will keep you posted on what i have accomplished and why the name of this post is -‘chasing the clock.’